A journey to the centre of a fragmented family while they grapple with religion, sexuality, colonialism and migration. Pakistani-Muslim filmmaker Arshad Khan takes viewers through the tense relationships between family and fate, conservatism and liberalism and modernity and familiarity.

Director : Arshad Khan | Producers : Sergeo Kirby, Arshad Khan | Release : 2017


Born to very humble beginnings and growing up to become one of Canada's greatest talents, Patsy takes viewers through the inspiring journey of iconic performer Patsy Gallant. From her difficult relationship with 30-year-old son Jason, to her lifelong struggle to record her own never-heard-before songs, Patsy is an intimate portrait of a woman whose spirit, resilience and courage are nothing short of remarkable.

Director : Robbie Hart | Writer : Jeffrey Blatt | Producers : Sergeo Kirby, Robbie Hart | Release : 2016


Struggling with short-term memory loss, Gustavo has retired from his business and finds some solace in his homeland of Chile by pursuing a childhood dream - competing as a “huaso” in rodeos. Awaiting the results of tests to determine whether he has Alzheimer's, and having long professed he would end his life if it became unbearable, he begins making preparations for his death, while his family struggles to accept his decision to end his life. El Huaso explores the pivotal point in one man’s life where he takes it upon himself to shape his own mortality.

The Handshake Productions | Director : Carlo G. Proto | Producer : Carlo G. Proto, Sergeo Kirby | Theatrical release : 2012


Roadsworth : Crossing the Line details a Montreal stencil artist’s clandestine campaign to make his mark on the city streets. As he is prosecuted at home and celebrated abroad, Roadsworth (Peter Gibson) struggles to defend his work, define himself as an artist and address difficult questions about art and freedom of expression.

Loaded Pictures & The National Film BoardDirector : Alan Kohl | Producers : Sergeo Kirby, Sarah Spring, Adam Symansky | Theatrical release : 2009


Meet the men and women who make their living cleaning our shoes. From the brash street shiners of New York City, to the masked shoe shine boys of La Paz, Shiners travels the world to give you an insider’s view of this overlooked profession. People around the world have turned to shoe shining to provide for themselves and their families. These are their stories. Enter their universe. You’ll never look at a shoe shiner the same way again!

H2L Productions Director : Stacey Tenenbaum | Producers : Stacey Tenenbaum, Sergeo Kirby | Release : 2017


Reknown playwright David Fennario has devoted his life to writing some of the most significant political plays. In 2002, he was diagnosed with an unknown paralyzing syndrome that has confined him to a wheelchair. At 65, his latest play, Motherhouse, about the futility of war, will premiere at the Centaur theatre. Fennario - The Good Fight journeys into the life and soul of a man who, despite rising obstacles, continues to fight for the causes he believes in.

Adobe Productions International | Director : Martin Duckworth | Producers : Sergeo Kirby, Robbie Hart | Release : 2014


H2Oil follows a voyage of discovery, heartbreak and politicization in the stories of those attempting to defend water in Alberta against tar sands expansion. Unlikely alliances are built and lives are changed as they come up against the largest industrial project in human history. 

Director : Shannon Walsh | Co-Director : Alan Kohl | Producers : Sergeo Kirby, Sarah Spring | Theatrical release  : 2011


The documentary follows 6 student activists visiting 36 Canadian towns to take on one giant corporation. Filmed over 2 summers, these young crusaders (plus a gonzo journalist) try to raise public awareness about Wal-Mart's business practices and their effect on cities and towns across Canada. With youthful passion and often hilarious cultural jams, this film takes us to the frontlines of the ongoing debate over the company's increasing dominance in the Canadian retail market.

Director : Sergeo Kirby | Producer : Sergeo Kirby, Ian McLaren, Germaine Wong | Theatrical release across Canada : 2005-2006